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Saving money can be quite a difficult task, especially when you constantly run out of products and some of your things break. Well, we understand the struggles and sacrifices it takes to save some extra bugs, so in this video, we are helping you fix them. We show you some brilliant money saving tips and tricks that will completely change your life and the way you see objects.

In the first video section, we show you some brilliant ways to fix anything around the house that you might cost a lot of money to fix.
– We show you how to reposition your wooden floors around the house simply by using some tape to slide the wood tiles back in place
– You can fix a deflating football simply by injecting it with some egg-whites in order to prevent any air from escaping.

For those of you who have a lot of hair ties laying around, we show you how many uses you can get out of a single hair tie that will completely change your life.
– You can use a hair tie to prevent a door from locking up
– You can use hair ties in your fashion clothing hacks as well. You can use them to shorten your sleeves.
– You can use them in your kitchen to hang your kitchen towels.
– You can also use hair ties to clean and dry your makeup brushes in order to prevent them from becoming damaged.
– We also show you how you can use hair ties in your room decor. For example, we show you how you can use 3 hair ties in order to hang your pictures.
– If you tend to travel a lot and your phone is your one source of finding the route and location on where you need to go, then we show you how you can use a hair tie to hang it in your car as a GPS.

For those of you looking to save an extra buck in the kitchen, you will fall in love with this video section because not only do we show you how to save money, we also show you how you can be creative using chopping boards.
– You can repurpose a chopping board and some aluminum tins to create a cool cutlery holder.
– You can use a chopping board to organize your laundry especially when you constantly have socks going missing.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing DIY hacks to save the day that will fall in love with and you can try on your free time in order to save some money!

0:27 – Ways to fix anything
1:51 – How to fix your umbrella
3:40 – How to fake wearing braces
4:45 – How to shorten long sleeves
6:08 – Amazing wine hack
8:05 – How to organize your hair ties
9:10 – Amazing hacks to save money
9:34 – Ways to reuse a chopping board
10:06 – Brilliant organizing hacks
10:49 – How to survive with a panty liner
13:59 – Cool hiding place for your money
14:36 – How to repair your old clothes
15:46 – Beautiful embroidery star
16:36 – How to fix worn down cuffs
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