Life Under the Sea: What’s Happening Inside a Submarine

Life Under the Sea: What’s Happening Inside a Submarine SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/nE2uhv-ZCSw : Hey there! Next time you complain that you don’t get enough sleep or sunshine, remember about submarine sailors. Oh, that’s a real man’s job! They see no sun for 90 days in a row and only get 6 hours of sleep in an 18-hour day! Let’s find out more about how things really go underwater.

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Who made the first submarine? 0:31

The Turtle screwed up πŸ˜• 1:09

The 3 major submarine powers in the world 1:49

So how do submarines run? 2:06

In total darkness 3:10

So how to become a submariner? (Spoiler: you have to be a tough guy) 4:19

Haute cuisine for submariners 5:58

The Blue crew and the Gold crew 7:15

Why their day lasts 18 hours 7:50

Appreciate personal space? This job isn’t for you 8:24

How long submariners are allowed to shower 8:50

How these guys entertain themselves 9:27

How much do submariners make? 10:37

– Legend has it that the concept of a submarine was invented as early as 332 BCE. Alexander the Great supposedly submerged his soldiers into the sea in diving bells.
– The Yankee sub in 1776 was named the Turtle, and it tried and failed to sink a British warship in New York Harbor.
– The 3 major submarine powers in the world are the United States, China, and Russia, and the US Navy boasts the largest underwater fleet: over 70 submarines.
– Most submarines have diesel-electric engines, the energy from which powers up huge batteries that drive an electric motor to move the propellers.
– There’s GPS satellite navigation that works on the surface and a system of motion and rotation sensors under the water.
– A submariner has to be psychologically stable and academically qualified β€” no country will want someone who is unbalanced dealing with its most expensive weapons.
– A normal submarine shift lasts 90 days, but it can become longer in an unstable geopolitical environment.
– The kitchen not only takes up plenty of space but also offers a huge variety of meals, especially during the first weeks of deployment when the food is still fresh. Submarine chefs make the crew happy with dishes from lobster to lasagna to delicious desserts.
– A submarine normally has 2 fully staffed crews: the Blue crew and the Gold crew.
– – While a regular day above the water lasts 24 hours, things are different under the sea. For submariners, life is split into 3 shifts of 6 hours, making their day 18 hours long.
– Normally, a submarine has 2 showers for 130 crew members. They are allowed to shower for no longer than 3 to 5 minutes so everyone has a turn and to lessen the strain on the water filtration system.
– There’s a recreation room with a plasma TV that serves as a movie theater and video game room. There are cards and board games to help the crew bond and entertain themselves.
– Maybe the average annual salary of $100,000 plus health benefits makes up for at least some of the stress and pressure the crew goes through.

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