Marvel Theory: Iron Man 3 Introduced The Eternals To The MCU

Marvel Theory: Iron Man 3 Introduced The Eternals To The MCU New Gameplay – Iron Man may have introduced the Eternals to the MCU long before Avengers Infinity War or Endgame! Subscribe to our channel:

The Eternals is one of the deeper cuts in the Marvel Universe. Created by Jack Kirby, the legendary writer/artist and co-creator of Fantastic Four, X-Men and Captain America amongst others, The Eternals are a raise of super-powerful, cosmic beings. They were created by the Celestials to defend the Earth from another evil race the Celestials created known as the Deviants.

While the specific details of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 have been kept under wraps, head honcho Kevin Feige and company have dropped hints that The Eternals will be one of its big entries. And while this might seem a little out of nowhere, after scouring previous films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we discovered that a specific plotline in Iron Man 3 might actually hint at their involvement.

Iron Man 3’s main baddie Killian’s big plan involves using something called Extremis, which utilizes an empty slot of human DNA to trigger humanity’s untapped potential. This unlocks all kinds of crazy super abilities. But it’s possible the reason this empty gap in our DNA exists is because the Celestials put it there in the first place. And seeing as how Marvel Studios is notorious for dropping hints and Easter Eggs involving future Marvel entries, it’s not completely unreasonable to suggest this was an intentional plant to tease The Eternals down the line.

Let’s dig into this theory a bit more to determine whether or not there’s justification for Iron Man 3 introducing The Eternals into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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